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Adolescent Psychology
Exam 3 Study Guide
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Exam 3 Study Guide
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Exam 3 Study Guide

Self and Identity

Why are researchers paying so much attention to adolescent identity development?


Definitions of:

self-concept, self-esteem, sense of identity, actual self, ideal self, feared self

Consequences of Low Self-Esteem  
Increasing Adolescents Self-Esteem

SES, Gender, and Ethnic Differences in Self-Esteem  
Eriksons Psychosocial Theory of Development

Identity versus identity confusion 

Identity Statuses:

Diffusion, Foreclosure, Moratorium, Achievement


Outcomes of ethnic identity development:

Assimilation, Separation, Marginality, Biculturalism


Sex and Gender

Definitions: Sex, Gender, Gender role


Social Influences: parental, peer, teacher, media


Masculine, Feminine, Androgyny


gender intensification bias


Androgynous Education


Sexual socialization: restrictive, semi-restrictive, permissive societies


Restrictive & Semi-restrictive Characteristics of United States 


Sexual Attitudes Among Adolescents


Premarital intercourse during adolescence


Psychological and social characteristics of sexually active adolescent


Risk Factors for Sexual Activity


Influences: Parental, Peers


Psychological effects of adolescent sexual abuse


Contraceptive use


Teenage Pregnancy and Childbearing


Consequences for Mother and Child


AIDS and other STDs


Why do most traditional Sex Ed programs fail? What works?


Moral Development, Values, Religion

Definitions of: moral reasoning, moral behavior


Kohlbergs theory of Moral Development


Preconventional, Conventional, Postconventional reasoning


Definitions of: Service Learning, Character Education, Values Clarification