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General Psychology
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Personality Assessment

Go to the following website to find out your personality type.

Question 1: E for Extrovert or I for Introvert

Question 2: S for Sensors or N for iNtuitive

Question 3: T for Thinker or F for Feeler

Question 4: J for Judger or P for Perceiver

Answer the following questions to discover
your Myers Briggs type!.

Question 1:    Where is your energy naturally directed?

An Extravert's energy is directed primarily outward, towards people and things outside of themselves. They tend to have high energy and talk a lot. They are more naturally active, expressive, social, and interested in a great variety of things and ideas. They think out loud and express ideas and thoughts before they are fully formed. They are energised by being with other people.

An Introvert's energy is primarily directed inward, towards their own thoughts, perceptions, and reactions. They have a quiet energy and tend to be a little quiet. They will think issue through before the act and tend to express fully formed ideas. Their concentration is good and they are happy to spend time alone

Question 2:    What kind of information do you naturally remember?

First and foremost, Sensors notice the facts and specifics of the world around them. They see the individual trees rather than the woods. Sensors tend to be practical and literal people and speak in a very straight forward way. They are present orientated and admire practical people.

On the other hand, Intuitives are more interested in connections and relationships. They see what could be rather than what is. They see the woods rather than the individual trees. Intuitives tend to be imaginative, theoretical people who trust their hunches and pride themselves on their creativity. They are future orientated and admire creative people.

Question 3:    How do you come to conclusion or make decisions?

Because Thinkers make decisions based on sense and logic, they tend to be cool, reserved and analytical. If they convince it will through logic and not emotion. They tend to be honest and direct, maintain their objectivity as much as possible. They are primarily motivated by achievement and have a tendency to be critical.

Feelers, on the other hand, are very warm and make decisions how they feel about the choices, not on the logic of the situation. They look to their values to guide them in making the right decision. They tend to be sensitive and empathetic. They try hard to please others and are motivated by being appreciated.

Question 4:    What kind of environment do you prefer?

Judgers prefer a structured and ordered environment. They prefer to know what is going on and to have issues clear and in the open. They make plans, stick to them and arrive/depart on time. They are happiest when they are finished projects that they have planned.

Perceivers prefer keep their options open so that they can experience as much of the world as possible. They like to wait and see what develops so they play first, work later. Not conscious of the time, they can often be late. They prefer starting new projects and are often seen as non-conformist.

You can click on this site to take an extended version of this test and see your combination. I fall in the ESTJ category if you are interested.

For fun and for extra credit check out or the following site:

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