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General Psychology
Study Guide Exam 3
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Personality Assessment

Chapter 12

What is a motive/motivation?

General Ideas behind:

  1. Instinct Theory
  2. Drive-reduction Theory
  3. Incentive Theory
  4. Cognitive Approach
  5. Humanistic (Maslow) Theory


3 Components of Emotions


Chapter 13

Definitions of Sex, Gender, Primary Sex and Secondary Sex Characteristics

Gender Role

Gender Identity

Sexual Orientation

Gender Role Socialization

Definition of Androgyny

Definition of Transvestite, Hermaphrodite

Atypical Sexual Behaviors (common ones)

Stats regarding Child Molestation


Chapter 18

What is Social Psychology

Definitions of Social Roles (ascribed and achieved)

Example of Role Conflict

What is Status? What is a norm?

Milgram’s Study

Asch’s Study

Stanford Prison Study

Fundamental Attribution bias

Definition of social influence

Definition of Conformity, Obedience, Compliance

Techniques on page 688


Chapter 19


Definitions of Attitudes, Persuasion

Acquiring Attitudes

Cognitive Dissonance

Eliminating Cognitive Dissonance

What is Brainswashing?

Cults (Examples, who joins and why? why do people leave cults? What is appeal?

Definitions of Prejudice, scapegoating, stereotypes

Class Divided Study

How does Prejudice Develop and how to Decrease Prejudice