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Advanced Educational Psychology

Multicultural Education Lecture Notes
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Sociocultural Diversity

Multicultural Awareness Quiz

Our perceptions of reality, facts we are taught through media, education system, and other sources are often wrong


How can misinformation about issues such as race, SES, gender, etc. contribute to stereotyping?

What is your role as an educator in challenging these stereotypes?


What does culture refer to?

What is the impact of culture on teaching and learning?

Impact of Culture on Teaching and Learning

Impact of Culture on Teaching and Learning


What is SES? How is it measured?

income, occupation, education, prestige

How does SES affect student achievement?

Income and Summer Learning

All students return from summer vacation with decreased academic levels of achievement. However, the decrease is greater for low SES students.

What conditions contribute to this difference?

Is the Low Achievement of Children from low-Income Groups Inevitable?

What can teachers do to address this?

How do Ethnicity and Race Affect Students’ School Experiences?

Why Have Minority-Group Students Lagged in Achievement?

Multicultural Education

Dimensions of Multicultural Education

Multicultural Education

Values diversity and includes perspectives of a variety of cultural groups on a regular basis

What can teachers do to promote a sense of we and reduce a sense of us versus them?

Dimensions of Multicultural Education

Content integration

Knowledge construction

Prejudice reduction

Equity pedagogy

Empowering school culture

Content Integration

most common expression of MC education

Teachers supply examples & info from different ethnic, cultural groups to illustrate concepts and principles in content areas

Varies by teacher

Which is most sophisticated level of content integration?

Including various cultural/ethnic groups to illustrate core concepts, such as inventions of Native and AA in thematic unit on inventions

Focusing on AA experience during Black History month; honoring contributions of outstanding AA

Acknowledging the sometimes-biased representation of AA and HA on TV, empowering children to make decisions and take actions toward solving the issues

Presenting unit on Civil War that includes voices and perspectives of landowners & poor whites, as well as slaves & free Blacks

Prejudice Reduction

model positive attitudes/interactions with all children-particularly those who might be alienated from rest of students

committed to confronting prejudice in all its forms and at all times

create opportunities for students to interact peacefully among themselves – COOPERATIVE LEARNING

CL - proven successful in reducing prejudice among students

focus on common goal helps override emphasis on individual differences

Equity Pedagogy

encourage success for all students, regardless of race, class, ethnicity, gender

Knowledge of learning styles

Meet individual needs

Knowledge Construction

most radical, but most crucial

Five types of knowledge

Empowering School Culture

We will begin to change education so that we are empowering our students and their families to be proud, contributing members of society both within and beyond their rich cultural boundaries!

How will you embrace diversity in your classroom?


Diversity as it relates to Gender


What is the difference between gender and sex?

What are gender roles?

Social expectations of how males and females should act, think, feel

What are ways in which gender is socialized?






Gender Stereotypes

What are some gender stereotypes portrayed in the United States?

How do Gender and Gender Bias Affect Students’ School Experiences?

Teachers need to be careful as to not feed into these stereotypes!

Gender-Role Classification

Masculine vs. Feminine


Research: Androgynous = flexible, competent, and mentally healthy

Special Concern: high masculine traits = increase in behavior problems, delinquency, drugs, aggressive, etc.

Should androgyny be taught to students?

Why or why not?

Androgynous Education


Feel it allows equal opportunity


It ignores diversity

What role do teachers have?

What can teachers do to reduce or eliminate bias in the classroom?

Unbiased textbooks, activities, posters

Seating chart

Unbiased language

(police officer, mail carrier, firefighter)

Use "he" and "she"

Equal Attention, expectations, grades

Cooperative Learning

Structured intergroup interaction

The Class Divided Video

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