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Adolescent Psychology
Thought Paper
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Thought Paper

Students are required to write a thought paper on the following topic:

Issue/Topic associated with Adolescence/Proposed Plan to Address Issue

Students will research that topic (minimum of 3 references) and then add OWN thoughts, opinions, solutions to correct the problem/address the issue in a 4-6 paged double-spaced paper. During the Final Exams, students will present their papers to the rest of the class for a discussion.


Issue: Violence in Schools (offer stats, reports, what is and isn't working, etc.)

Proposed Plan: (Your OWN proposed plan): Increase funding for Peer Mediators, Zero Tolerance Policies, Required Weekly meeting with Counselors, Buddy System, etc.

Problem/Issue: Career Choice (difficulties associated with this, how one goes about choosing, etc.)

Proposed Plan:  Require Job Shadowing in at least 3 fields of interest at high school level; required apprenticeships, offer Career Class in Junior/Senior High

Be creative. This is your chance to address how you would promote change!