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Adolescent Psychology
Exam 2 Study Guide
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Test 2 Study Guide



Changes in Peer Groups During Adolescence (4)

Cliques and Crowds

Four Peer Statuses

(characteristics, whose is most likely to participate in alcohol consumption, most likely to display risky sexual behavior, most likely to have severe adjust problems)



Historical Changes/Origins

Cultural Comparisons

Disabilities/Disorders (Learning Disabilities, ADHD, MR)

Characteristics of Bullies and Victims


Levels of Least Restrictive Environment

Characteristics of Good Schools

Large Schools versus Small Schools




Family relationships at Adolescence

            (Parent-Teens similarities, differences, Generation Gap)

Influence of Siblings

Impact of Divorce (Gender Differences, Sleep Effect, Buffers)

Parenting Styles (types, characteristics of adolescents reared, ethnic differences)

Impact of Abuse

Impact of Maternal Employment (Gender Differences)

Changes in Family Needs and Functions


Work and Achievement

Cultural Comparisons

Percentage of Teen Workers in US

Common Jobs

Work Environment

Impact on School, Potential Benefits

Environmental Influences on Achievement

Ethnic Differences relative to Achievement

Intrinsic versus Extrinsic Motivation

Failure Syndrome/Learned Helplessness