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Adolescent Psychology
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For each Exam section:

Students are required find a journal, newspaper, or magazine article relative to a selected Chapter in the book. Students should bring a copy of the article to class and be ready to dicuss the implications of the article.  

The following is a list of some possible topics related to the Chapters in the textbook:

Eating Disorders in Adolescence

Bullying in Schools

Videogame Violence/effects on today's youth

Violence in Schools

Security Systems in Schools - Violating Adolescents Rights

Hazing in High Schools

TV Violence

Body and Self-Image

Parent, Peer and Media Influences on Body Image

Sex Bracelets

Identity Issues

Adolescent Attraction to Cults

Marketing to Teens

Teenaged Runaways

Reasoning in Adolescence/Decision-Making

Nature-Nurture Controversy

Gender Roles, Stereotypes, Identity Development

Ethnicity and Culture

Effects of Early/Late Onset of Puberty

Medicating our Youth

Depression and Suicide Among Adolescents

Personality Differences and Development

Peer Statuses

Sibling Relationships

Effects of Divorce


Culture and Dating

Date Rape

High School Dropouts

Exceptional Learners

Effects of SES

Birth Control/Teen Pregnancy

Moral Development

Career Choice

Endless additional options