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General Psychology
Study Guide Exam 2
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Personality Assessment


General Psychology: Exam 2 Study Guide


Chapter 7


What is consciousness?


Can we study it scientifically?


Sleeping Myths


Sleep – Characteristics, Stages, States, Need for, Patterns, Costs of sleep loss


Sleep Disturbances


Dreams  - why do we dream? Different theories about interpreting dreams


Questions from class Video (ones that you made up)


Chapter 8


What is learning?


What is reinforcement? What is response?


Classical Conditioning – Be able to identify NS, UCS, CS, UCR, CR in given scenario. Be able to come up with own scenario. Also define and offer examples of generalization, discrimination, extinction.


What is Garcia effect


Operant Conditioning – Be able to come up with examples of Positive and Negative Reinforcement, Type I and Type II Punishment, Definitions of Reinforcement and Punishment, General Ideas about how and when to use each


Know Schedules of Reinforcement and Examples of Each (FI, VI, FR, VR)


Bandura’s Model of Observational Learning – What does theory say about how we learn behavior? What do the scientific studies suggest?


Chapter 9


What is memory?


Definitions of Encoding, Storage, Retrieval, Chunking


Stages of Memory and Characteristics of Each (SM, STM, LTM)


What is elaborative rehearsal? What is maintenance rehearsal?


Definitions of Recall, Recognition


Levels of Processing and Example of each


How can one improve memory?


Chapter 14


Definition of personality


Traits versus Type


Characteristics of Type A and B personality


General Understanding of Personality Theories


Types of Personality Assessments