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General Psychology

Study Guide Exam 4

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Personality Assessment

Exam 4 Study Guide


Chapter 15


What is Health Psychology?


Behavioral Risk Factors


Health Promoting Behaviors


What are the Defense Mechanisms? Be able to give examples of each (You will not be given credit for offering the same examples as given in lecture notes. You will need to come up with an original example yourself)


What is learned helplessness?


Know about and understand Seligman’s dog experiment


Chapter 16




What is abnormal behavior?


Know General Risk Factors


Cultural Differences


Characteristics and Symptoms, Causes, Treatments for:

Personality Disorders

Anxiety Disorders



Dissociative Disorders

Mood Disorders

Eating Disorders

Disorders of Infancy, Childhood and Adolescents

 *You will be given case scenarios and be asked to identify which disorder is portrayed in scenario*


Schizophrenia – Stats, Types (listed in Text and handout) Symptoms, Causes, Treatment


Definitions of Obsessions, Compulsions, Delusions, Hallucinations


Specific Phobias (page 599 in text)


Chapter 17


Definition of Psychotherapy


Dimensions of Therapy (page 629, 630)


General Understanding of (Goals, Techniques, When/Why Used): SEE Chart


            Humanistic Therapies (Client-Centered, Gestalt)

            Behavior Therapies

            Operant Therapies

            Cognitive Therapies

            Group Therapy


You will be asked to match characteristics with the corresponding therapies