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General Psychology

Study Guide Exam 1

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Personality Assessment

Exam 1 Study Guide

Chapter 1

What is psychology? Definition

What types of topics to psychologists study?

What do psychologists hope to achieve?

5 Views on Psychology

Research Methods (Types and Advantages/Disadvantages to each)

What are some potential research biases? And how can you control for them?

What does standardization mean? Why do we do it?

What is theory? Hypothesis?

Chapter 2

What is the relationship between brain and behavior?

What is Nature versus Nurture Controversy relative to Development?

Chapter 3

Parenting Styles

Cognitive Development (Piaget's theory and Stages)

Vygotsky's Theory (Scaffolding, Zone of Proximal Development)

Developmental Milestones Across the Lifespan

Chapter 4

Erikson's theory and Stages

Types of Normal Childhood Problems

Types of Serious Childhood Problems

Adolescence (Peer Groups, Identity, Early/Late Maturation)

Challenges of Adulthood

Chapter 11

Intelligence Quotients (IQ)

The Mentally Gifted

Mental Retardation

Multiple Intelligence (Gardner's Theory)

Nature/Nurture Controversy relative to Intelligence