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Advanced Educational Psychology

Planning, Instruction, Design
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Chapter 12

Planning, Instruction, Design

Instructional Planning

Systematic, organized strategy for organizing lessons

Why do teachers need lesson plans? Lesson Plans

What and How

Assists substitutes

Mandated by administration

Where do I begin?

1. Set goals

What are you wanting to accomplish?

2. Plan activities

How will I accomplish these goals?

3. Set priorities

What is most important?


4. Make Time Estimates

How much time per activity?

5. Create a schedule


Teacher-Centered Lesson Planning

Use behavioral objectives

Good objectives have 3 parts:

1. Intended behavior

What must student do?

2. Lists conditions

How will behavior be tested?

3. Criteria for acceptable performance

Are Objectives Useful?


Helps focus student’s attention and increase achievement


Spoon feeding the students

Teaching Methods






Create an objective for Bloom’s Taxonomies of the cognitive domain

Knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation

Use your area of specialization

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